Annie Kilner, pregnant wife of Kyle Walker, heads to the gym after friend dismisses fling with Lauryn Goodman

Introduction to the article:

This article discusses the recent scandal involving Manchester City defender Kyle Walker and his pregnant wife Annie Kilner. Annie was seen heading to the gym following news that Walker is the father of a second child with influencer Lauryn Goodman. The article details the fallout from this revelation and the impact it has had on Annie, her relationship with Walker, and her family.

Annie’s Gym Visit

Annie, who is six months pregnant, was seen concealing her baby bump with an oversized Nike hoodie as she headed to the gym in Manchester. Despite the turmoil in her personal life, Annie tried to maintain a sense of normalcy as she faced the latest shock.

The Truth Comes Out

Lauryn Goodman, the mother of Walker’s daughter, revealed she had been secretly visiting Manchester to allow Walker to see his son, Kairo, while he was still with Annie. She disclosed that the relationship between her and Walker became closer, leading to her pregnancy. She also described the footballer’s attempt to keep the child a secret from his wife and his repeated denial of paternity.

Fallout and Separation

Following the revelation, Walker was kicked out of the family home and is now living in a separate apartment. Annie announced her separation from Walker, and the scandal comes in the wake of previous incidents involving Walker’s infidelity, public indecency, and high-profile encounters with other women.

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