Graeme Souness claims playing in the Premier League today would be easy for him – midfielders get away with murder

Introduction to this article:
The article covers recent comments made by Liverpool legend Graeme Souness about today’s Premier League and how he believes playing in today’s league would be easier compared to when he played.

Graeme Souness Reflects on Changes in Football

In response to criticisms about the increased speed and competitiveness of the modern Premier League, Graeme Souness contends that the current generation of players actually “get away with murder.” Despite acknowledging changes and improvements, Souness emphasizes that training and playing conditions during his time as a player were far more challenging.

Player Comparisons

Souness explains that the technique required when he played differed significantly from the skills needed in today’s games. His focus is on the differences in field conditions, training strategies, and squad sizes, explaining that a direct comparison would show how much easier it would be to play today.

Midfield Playing Style

The former Liverpool captain expresses frustration with the playing style of modern midfielders, citing a tendency to pass the ball sideways and “get on the ball and pass it sideways.” He recalls a time when the emphasis was on playing forward, highlighting the differences in attitude and strategy between then and now.

The Modern Midfield Player

Souness is critical of the modern midfield player, describing how they pass the ball out to the full-back under no pressure, noting the stark difference in what would have been expected during his time as a player. He reveals how this change in approach falls short of the standard he grew up with at Liverpool.

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